Realizing Ambitions


At Kriegspiel we are focussed on helping businesses realize their dreams and ambitions quicker, sooner and greater than before, using our superpower to maximize growth through strategic, financial and technological insights, unlocking potential.

Whether you are a new business looking to launch in the marketplace, an established business, wanting to accelerate existing traction, or a global corporate, consolidating your position as a world leader, Kriegspiel will support you plan and implement your next move.

Understand | Develop | Achieve


In today’s competitive business environment we know that those most likely to succeed are those with,
  • A clear business strategy aligned to their Vision, Brand and Culture.
  • Finance in place to fuel growth and
  • Technological integration.
  • At Kriegspiel we work with organizations in these key areas ultimately to UNDERSTAND and shape their vision and strategy, identify the gaps and opportunities before DEVELOPING solutions that ACHIEVE the ambitions.

Understand | Develop | Achieve


  • We take the time and space to understand the businesses we work with. It is fundamentally important to be aligned with the strategy. Objectives and timescales with a clear awareness of the culture and personalities involved. A thorough and comprehensive ‘fact find’ therefore is the starting point of any of our engagements ensuring we connect with the business objectives, harmonizing the people and the processes.

Understand | Develop | Achieve


  • Utilizing a mix of consulting and coaching methodologies, we work to implement existing strategies or help the organization develop new ones to achieve their goal.

  • In business, the shortest distance between two points is not always a straight line. Building interventions which bridge gaps or make the path as straight as possible is where we excel. Whether these interventions are organizational, financial or technological, we will develop a solution tailored specifically to the business.

  • In the instances where these solutions involve thinking outside the box, finding technological solutions for business problems is one fo our strenghts. Over the years we have built a number of technological solutions which are now available “off the shelf”.

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  • At Kriegspiel we have our own lofty ambition. Our aim is to change the world, one business at a time by helping entrepreneurs and business leaders realize their ambitions and achieving their vision of a better tomorrow. We only work with those who contribute positively to the wider community so in helping to achieve their ambitions, we help create a better world.

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A typical journey of a company developing / investing in technology is;

  • Once you have a concept, its time to raise the finance, this can easily take one year.
  • Next, its time to find and recruit your tech team, this is a further six months and then you hope they are good and will stick!
  • Finally you can focus on getting the team to work together and build your MVP, another 6 months.
  • Now you have your MVP but have spent 2 years and most of your initial fund raise getting there, Its time for a second round of funding…..
We have an alternative approach. Our established team of developers, programmers, researchers and project managers, from the point of concept, can develop your technological solution on your behalf. It typically takes us 3 months from conceptional brief to MVP resulting in;

  • Reducing the “go to market” time, 3 months instead of 2 years.
  • Reduction in the amount of finance required to raise (go the market in 3 months instead of 2 years.)
  • De-risking the project.
  • Able to test market opportunities quicker before investing.
If you are in the process of raising finance or haven’t raised significant finance yet, Kriegspiel can consider a reduced fee for developing your technology in exchange for equity. In other words, we would invest our time and resources to build your technology in exchange for equity. We call it [Tek-wi-tee]

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Nat Olaiya

With over 20 years working with entrepreneurs and business leaders, Nat specializes in empowering enterprising organisations with ambitious objectives to achieve their goals.

In his time as a consultant and business coach, Nat has supported literally hundreds of businesses craft their visions, design their strategies and implement change. Working primarily with the management/leadership team, he is valued for helping teams think strategically and engage in meaningful conversations which create change.

Nat is passionate about entrepreneurial businesses, having operated his own business, he understands the sometimes ‘roller-coaster ride’ of business and the need to hold perspective as entrepreneurs go through good times as well as bad, Being familiar with the whole entrepreneur’s journey. he has experience with fund raising, mergers and acquisitions as well as exits.

Following his first degree in Civil Engineering from Oxford Brookes University and a successful career as a Civil Engineer, Nat transited into business consultancy after studying a MBA at Henley Management College.The next 5 years were spent consulting exclusively to “blue chip” organisations before deciding to focus on entrepreneurial businesses. In 2003, Nat became one of the founding business coaches with Shirlaws UK, with whom he remained until 2016.

In addition to his more formal, academic qualifications, Nat also holds a NLP Master Business Practitioner’s Certificate as well as a Coaching & Facilitators, Certificate from the The Coaching Academy. Today Nat Works engaging with selected clients with exciting visions, sound moral values and who are seeking in some way to impact the world through beneficial change.

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Paul de Raney

Paul has spent the majority of his career in retail financial services advising private dnd corporate clients and their long-term strategies. This concentrated on helping them achieving thier goals on exiting a business and ensuring a robust strategy to preserve weatlth conduct intergenerational stewardship of finances.

A specialism in conducting due diligence on investment managers led to Paul devising a process to aid Trustees assess their compliance with their fiduciary responsibilites. In promoting this service Paul built and maintained many connections with other professionals especially Solicitors and Accountants. This cross disciplinary and collaborative approach is one which is essential for clients who are business owners and have complex personal financial requirements.

Combining this experience with advances in technology has provided a new opportunity set for Kriegspiel and their clients. A desire to shorten the gaps between milestones for growth businesses has become a reality with access to capital and introduction to the right technology. This has played to the strengths of Paul and Kriegspiel. We believe there is significant merit to utilising existing networks to drive business opportunities and making external investment more impactful.

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Understand | Develop | Achieve